Landmark experiment Kills 80% Mosquitoes That Carry Dengue Fever and Zika

People all over the world are infected every year by mosquitoes which carry diseases like Zika, chikungunya or Dengue Fever. In a landmark experiment, 80% of the mosquitoes that carried that disease... Read more »

Mosquitoes that Carry Zika to Bring Yellow Fever Too

The Zika event of 2016 could transform into a yellow fever event this year if South Florida inhabitants let down their guard with regards to shielding themselves from infection-conveying mosquitoes. There hasn’t... Read more »

Brain Damage could be Caused by Exposure to Zika

Researchers at Emory University decided to test out what are the effects of contracting the Zika virus after birth on infant macaques. What they found out was very interesting. They saw that... Read more »