B.C. Puts Together an Advisory Council For Protection of Wild Salmon

Wild salmons are at risk, and now the B.C. government introduced an advisory council to deal with this problem. They will develop recommendations for a strategy to protect the wild salmon. Premier... Read more »

Salmon Fishing Banned in Parts of B.C. Coast to Protect the Orca Population

Parts of the West Coast have been closed, as the federal officials are trying to protect the threatened orca population. Starting with 1 June, parts of Juan De Fuca Strait, the mouth... Read more »

Farmed Atlantic Salmon and Wild Salmon Could be Both Affected by Common Virus

A virus that is common when it comes to farmed Atlantic salmon looks like it is spreading around at a rapid rate. Fish farmers and fisheries in Canada are encourage to help... Read more »

PRV Virus Kills Pacific and Atlantic Salmon In Farms, Spreading Virus to Wild B.C. Fish Population

Latest studies show that there is a very contagious virus that impacts Atlantic salmon. Not only it started harming the Pacific salmon, but now it’s a serious threat to the wild salmon... Read more »