Asteroids Might Have Brought Water On Earth

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Could the Dust Storms on Mars Be the Cause for the Lack of Water?

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Water On Earth Was Brought By Asteroids, A New Study Concluded

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Water Discovered in Asteroid Samples Believed To Be Bone-Dry

An asteroid first found by Japan’s Hayabusa probe in 2005 hold water within all this time, when it was believed to be entirely dry. The asteroid from Itokawa has a diameter of... Read more »

Water On Mars – The Red Planet Lost Much Of It, But There Might Still Be Underground Water

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Water On Near-Earth Asteroids Would Be Useful For Future Space Colonists

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Experts Study A Potential New Provenience Of Earth’s Water

New potential sources of our Earth’s water are currently being analyzed. Earth’s water may come from asteroidal material and gas left over from the Sun’s formation, says the latest research, as reported by... Read more »

Ultrahot Jupiters Have Stellar Atmospheres That Destroy Water

NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer House telescopes have revealed interesting information on ultrahot planets, and physicists are stunned to find out the reason behind the missing water on these giants’ surfaces. The planets... Read more »

Recent Findings Show that the Earth Holds More Water than we Thought

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NASA Twin Satellites Will Launch in May to Study Water and Ice on Earth

Until 2017, NASA and the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) have had two GRACE satellites in space to study water on Earth. They’ve done it for the past 15 years and... Read more »