NASA Prepares For A Potential Supervolcano Eruption: Saving The World From Yellowstone Disaster

There are tons of apocalypse scenarios that are being developed every day and every one of them brings a new theory. There are assumptions about the impact of large asteroids, drug-resistant disease... Read more »

“Highly Hazardous” Iceland Volcano Katla Releases 5% of Global Volcanic CO2 Emissions

The emissions analyzed by researchers near the Katla volcano seem to be higher than previously estimated. The CO2 emissions could become “highly hazardous” if the Icelandic volcano erupts, warn scientists. Eight years... Read more »

Unusual Geyser Eruptions in Yellowstone: Will There Be a Volcanic Eruption?

The largest active geyser in the world, known as the Steamboat Geyser, has erupted three times in the last six weeks at Yellowstone National Park. Geologists believe that under Wyoming, there’s a... Read more »