200,000 New Marine Viruses, Discovered In The Ocean

According to the latest reports, it looks like almost 200k new virus species are lurking in the depths of the oceans. This exciting new finding has been made during a pole to... Read more »

Neanderthals Made Humans Resistant Against Flu, Hepatitis

Researchers at the Universities of Arizona and Stanford published a study in the journal Cell, according to which the breeding of early humans with Neanderthals resulted in creating offspring resistant to dangerous... Read more »

Experts Simulate Pandemic And Discover It Could Wipe Out 900 Million People

Researchers at John Hopkins University proved in a simulation that a new pathogen could easily kill almost 900 million people. The team simulated the emergence of a type of parainfluenza they call... Read more »

Mosquito Season Brings West Nile Virus in the US

It’s not only summer season, but it’s also mosquito season in the US. They’re annoying, and they’re very dangerous. In Ohio, Washington, and Virginia, they tested positive for the West Nile virus.... Read more »

Virus Infections in Early Life Could Set the Stage For Alzheimer’s

Scientists have found that Alzheimer’s could be triggered by viruses that can affect the brain. It’s been years of debate on what causes the disease, and this study sparks the debates with... Read more »

Researchers May Have Found the Drug to Fight Against the Common Cold Virus

Whenever someone gets the common cold, the available remedies will only treat the symptoms and not the virus itself. Recently, researchers have found a way to fight against the infection by testing... Read more »