Eta Aquarids Astronomical Event Will Illuminate Metro Vancouver Skies

It’s time for the Eta Aquarids meteor shower that will illuminate the sky in May. So fans of astronomy, stargazers be aware of the event, because Metro Vancouver will allow you to... Read more »

Dangerous CO2 Levels in Biodome Experiment Forces B.C Man to Give Up Early

A man from Vancouver Island has done an extreme demonstration of climate change and greenhouse gases by sealing himself in an airtight greenhouse and try to survive for three days with the... Read more »

Last Measles Infection in Vancouver Shows How Important Is to Get Vaccinated

On 14 September, Vancouver Coastal Health’s medical health officer stated that there is a person infected with measles, even though they were vaccinated. However, it seems that the individual only received a... Read more »

These Canadian Cities Have the Highest Number of Crimes Reported to Police

New data from Statistics Canada shows which cities have the highest numbers of crimes reported to police and how serious they were in 2017. According to the data released on 23 July,... Read more »

Vancouver-science YouTuber Proves that the ‘World is Round’

It’s a common and baffling fact: flat-earthers exist, and they don’t want to understand that there is gravity, the Earth is round, or that satellites are real! A former educator from Vancouver... Read more »

BC Centre for Disease Control Warns the Public Of Threat of Measles in Vancouver

On July 4, the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has issued an alert to inform the public of a case of measles. The individual was onboard a China Southern Airlines, on... Read more »

Vancouver Sky Will Light Up Under the Full Strawberry Moon Tonight

Tonight’s the night when you should stay awake and check out the sky. If you’re in Vancouver, then you’ll see a full Strawberry Moon appear tonight. And if you’re wondering why the... Read more »

Lola the Vancouver Fire Trauma Dog Will Help Her Human Colleagues Cope With Stress

An adorable golden retriever that won’t stop smiling for a second has just completed her training and is ready to start her job at the Vancouver Fire. First responders to tragedies like... Read more »