Neutron Stars Collision Shed More Light On The Universe Expansion Rate

Albert Einstein anticipated gravitational waves in 1916, but several decades were needed before researchers managed to track them down for the first time. They are strong anomalies in the flow of space-time,... Read more »

‘Father of Big Bang Theory’ Celebrated By Google Doodle: It’s Georges Lemaître’s 124th Birthday

Georges Lemaître was an astronomer, a professor of physics and also a priest, well known for his part in formulating the big bang theory as we know it today. Google Doodle celebrated... Read more »

Hubble and Gaia’s New Data Changes the Way We Understand the Universe

We know that the universe keeps expanding, but it wasn’t that easy to measure the rate of expansion – meaning the calculations could be off track. And they were, according to NASA... Read more »

The Speed of Our Universe Expansion Explained by Gravitational Waves

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