Brand New Theory Could Explain The Missing 95% Of The Cosmos, University Of Oxford Finds

Scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest questions which linger in modern physics. Unifying dark matter and dark energy They did this with a paper that’s... Read more »

Physicists Discovered Evidence Of Another Universe

Roger Penrose, a renowned mathematician and physicist from the University of Oxford, and his team discovered the proof of the conformal cyclic cosmology existence, which is a hypothetical model in which the Universe’s future is... Read more »

Astronomers Identified Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

A team of astronomers consisted of researchers from two different backgrounds managed to find out that the satellite galaxies that orbit around our own can be considered among the first galaxies formed... Read more »

‘Father of Big Bang Theory’ Celebrated By Google Doodle: It’s Georges Lemaître’s 124th Birthday

Georges Lemaître was an astronomer, a professor of physics and also a priest, well known for his part in formulating the big bang theory as we know it today. Google Doodle celebrated... Read more »

Gaia and Hubble have Provided New Data about How Fast the Universe is Expanding

Just recently we have learned that the universe is expanding at two different rates, based on some new data collected from both the Gaia space observatory, belonging to the European Space Agency,... Read more »

Hubble and Gaia’s New Data Changes the Way We Understand the Universe

We know that the universe keeps expanding, but it wasn’t that easy to measure the rate of expansion – meaning the calculations could be off track. And they were, according to NASA... Read more »

Change How You See the Universe: Tiny Collision Beneath the South Pole

See how the ghostly particle in Antarctic ice traced by scientists back to 4 billion light-years away can change everything. Scientists discover a new way of looking at the universe during the... Read more »

Is the Universe Full of Goop? Science Facts

If you take a look through a telescope, it’s most likely you’ll see lots of neat stuff, such as stars, which are actually very distant. But did you know that, between them,... Read more »

NASA Discovers a New Magnetic Phenomenon in The Earth’s Outer Atmosphere

NASA has just found a new phenomenon in our Earth’s outer layer of the magnetic field. Scientists believe they can now uncover its influence on our planet and its role in the... Read more »

A Massive Cosmic Collision to Question Theories About the Early Universe?

Astronomers reported that they saw the development of a galaxy cluster, the biggest sort of gravity-bound structure in the universe, actually.  What’s more, this is not what they anticipated. Astronomers set their... Read more »