Ultima Thule Is A “Future Comet,” NASA’s New Horizons Revealed

During the first hours of the new year, 2019, NASA’s New Horizon arrived at its destination, far beyond the orbit of Pluto – Ultima Thule. The small space rock orbiting the Sun... Read more »

A Scientist Anticipated The Ultima Thule “Snowman” Appearance 40 Years Ago

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft returned a series of images on January 2nd, showing the Ultima Thule space object in the Kuiper Belt. We’ve learned back then that Ultima Thule is formed by two united... Read more »

How did Ultima Thule Appear?

Ultima Thule or how scientists know it, 2014 MU69, can be seen now in more detailed pictures. The New Horizons probe transmitted the latest images of the body, and it keeps sending... Read more »

NASA Defends Ultima Thule’s Name Amidst Issues Regarding Nazi Connections

Ultima Thule is an icy world that’s floating in the Kuiper Belt right at the edge of the solar system. It’s the most distant object that has ever been explored by humans... Read more »

The Cosmic Snowman: NASA’s New Horizons Sends Photos with Ultima Thule

NASA’s New Horizons got closer to its target 2014 MU69 known as ‘Ultima Thule,’ and this time it has captured a far better image of the space rock, which now that we... Read more »

NASA’s New Horizons Spaceship Will Get To Ultima Thule On January 1st – One Of The Most Distant Locations Ever Visited

New Horizons is the spacecraft that offered us the very first glimpse of distant Pluto, and it’s about to shed light on another world. We’re talking about a small icy body which... Read more »

NASA’s New Horizons Spots The Mysterious Icy Object Ultima Thule, Far Beyond Pluto

In 2015, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft visited Pluto and sent back home some astonishing pics and readings of the far-distant dwarf planet of our Solar System. But that wasn’t enough for NASA... Read more »