The Royal Ontario Museum Displays Newly Discovered 76 Million-Years-Old Dinosaur

Canadians will be able to see for themselves how the “Destroyer of Shins” looked 76 million years ago. The dinosaur was uncovered in Montana, south of the Alberta border, in 2014 and... Read more »

Toronto Has the First Human Case of West Nile Virus

A resident from Toronto became the first confirmed case of West Nile this year after testing positive for the virus. According to the statement from the public health officials, there is no... Read more »

These Canadian Cities Have the Highest Number of Crimes Reported to Police

New data from Statistics Canada shows which cities have the highest numbers of crimes reported to police and how serious they were in 2017. According to the data released on 23 July,... Read more »

A Tiny Simple Device Stops The Bleeding of a Man in Toronto

Gaven Mayo is a 27 years old man from Toronto who was rushed to a Montreal hospital after he was shot in his thigh with a rifle. He had lost a huge... Read more »

Toronto Pride Parade Took Place Amid Tensions Between the Police and the LGBTQ Community

The annual Pride Parade in Toronto took place last Sunday on the city’s streets. The streets were full of color and joy, but it also had a few tense moments. The marching... Read more »

Toronto Public Health Possible Exposure to Hepatitis A at Union Station Food Kiosk

People who recently ate at a Union Station food kiosk might have been exposed to Hepatitis A, warns Toronto Public Health. On 12 June, the health unit stated in a news release... Read more »

Environment Canada’s Special Weather Statement: The “First Heat Event” is Today

A new special weather statement has just been issued by Environment Canada. The citizen of Toronto will experience what is known as the “first heat event of the season.” The weather agency... Read more »

Canadian Company Will Make Cannabis Beer – To Get High and Not Drunk

At the Canadian Brewing Awards, Halifax, brewers from all over Canada have gathered to show off their finest brews. But this year’s conference has been eclipsed by a beer that doesn’t yet... Read more »

Dozens Must See a Doctor – Tests For Diabetes Done With Reused Needle at Scarborough Health Fair

After the health fair at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, a complaint was filed on 25 March. Public health officials have investigated the complaint and they reached the conclusion that some needles... Read more »

Toronto Chef Shocks Animal Rights Protesters by Eating Venison In Front of Them

In a taunting act, a Toronto chef has appeared in front of the windows of the restaurant he owns with a raw deer leg. He took a knife and started separating the... Read more »