Bizarre Hearing Loss Condition: Woman Cannot Hear Men’s Voices Overnight

Imagine going to sleep one night and the next day you see your boyfriend or husband talking, but cannot hear him. It happened to a woman from Xiamen, China when a night... Read more »

The World Health Organization No Longer Considers Transgender People As Having a Mental Illness

After categorizing video game addiction as a mental health problem, the World Health Organization ruled out gender dysphoria as being a mental illness. Instead of seeing gender incongruence as a mental illness,... Read more »

Ebola Victim Number Increases, A Day Before the Vaccine Reaches Rural Areas in Congo

The number or Ebola victims in Congo continues to grow, reaching 12 fatalities, according to the last report on 27 May from the country’s health ministry. The last victim died in a... Read more »

The World Health Organization Warns the Deadly Nipah Virus Can Cause a Global Pandemic

A recent outbreak of a deadly and rare virus has killed at least nine people in southern India. The virus is called Nipah, and it can be transmitted from bats to any... Read more »