Virtual Universe Simulation Revealed More About Milky Way And Galaxy Expansion

A recent study shows how scientists sometimes like to play with the universe by generating a multitude of other universes on their supercomputers. What’s intriguing is the fact that they succeeded to... Read more »

The Intergalactic Space Is In A Continuous Movement

The spaces between the galaxies, compared to the galaxies themselves, also known as the intergalactic space, have more matter, and they can stretch millions of light-years across appearing to be empty. What... Read more »

Fast Radio Bursts Source Detected As A Massive, Distant Galaxy

Scientists have picked up the phone to tell us they might have stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery. Something that could help map the entire universe. International astronomers based in Australia have detected... Read more »

Dark Matter In The Universe Simulated By An Artificial Intelligence System

With the innovation of Artificial Intelligence in the last decades, more and more researchers started to use it to make progress in their line of study. Astrophysicists are among those that, with... Read more »

Most Groundbreaking Discoveries About The Universe That Science Revealed

The Big Bang took place approximately 13.8 billion years ago, giving birth to the universe as we know it. Before the explosion, all of the material that currently makes up the entire... Read more »

The Universe Might Be Locked Inside A Giant, Higher Dimensional Black Hole

While the Big Bang theory is widely considered to be the most viable hypothesis related to the origins of the universe, a new study came up with a shocking result – the... Read more »

NASA Pinpointed Blasts of X-rays in the Universe

NASA has released an image of the bright, remnants of hot ash emanated from an ancient supernova. These cinders are also known as ‘pulsars.’ The image resembling a map is depicting loops... Read more »

Alien Life Might Be More Prevalent As Many Exoplanets Might Have Oceans Of Liquid Water

There is now enough evidence to turn scientists into believing that an ocean on Pluto might not actually be frozen as it was believed up until this point, but rather embedded under... Read more »

Collapsing Stars Spread Heavy Metals Across The Universe

A new study argues that many of the heavy metals spread across the universe are generated by collapsing stars. The lightest trio of elements found in space, namely, lithium, helium, hydrogen, appeared... Read more »

The Universe Is Expanding On An Accelerated Rate, More Than Scientists Estimated Before

Astronomers have measured the expansion rate of the Universe, and it seems that it expanded at a faster rate than it was previously thought in the past. The rate is considerably quicker... Read more »