Lockhead Martin To Put Humans On The Moon By 2024

We have news from Lockheed Martin about the method developed for putting humans on the Moon’s surface by 2024. The concept is released four years earlier than first planned. The company has... Read more »

Beresheet Lunar Lander Will Touch Down On The Moon Tomorrow, April 11th

Beresheet lunar lander, created in Israel, is preparing to touch down on the Moon tomorrow, April 11th. If the task is completed successfully, Israel will join a select group, becoming the fourth... Read more »

NASA Experiment Aboard Beresheet Lunar Lander To Help With Future Precision Landings On The Moon

The Moon is the destination of the first Israeli lunar lander, Beresheet, which is supposed to touch down on 11th of April within Mare Serenitatis, on the northern hemisphere of the near... Read more »

Israel’s First Lunar Mission, Beresheet, Is Now En Route To The Moon

Beresheet (which means “in the beginning” in Hebrew) is Israel’s first lunar mission, and it launched back on February 21th, 2019. A couple of days ago, on March 19th, the lunar lander... Read more »

Israeli Lunar Lander Began Its Journey Towards The Moon

The Moon has fascinated humanity since ancient times, appearing in countless pieces of literature and folklore. Less than a handful of countries were able to reach the Earth’s natural satellite. Now, Israel... Read more »

Russia Plans To Send A Mining Rover And Modules For Lunar Base To The Moon Around 2030

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has big plans with the Moon. As we might be on the verge of a new space race, Russia is not going to let NASA and Chinese... Read more »

Chang’e-4 Lander and Rover Survived The Freezing Lunar Night on The Dark Side of The Moon

In a recent report, the China National Space Administration announced that its Chang’e-4 lander and rover made it through the first freezing lunar night on the dark side of the Moon. The first... Read more »

The Oldest Earth Rock To Date Was Found On The Moon

Now, about 50 years after the Apollo 14 mission astronauts sampled some rock from the Moon, a team of scientists believe that one of those rocks originated on Earth. Even more, that... Read more »

Flashes of Light Are Coming From The Moon Once Every Few Hours

If you observe the lunar surface in slow-motion, you’d also see some mysterious flashes of light coming from the Moon once every few hours. Before you think extraterrestrials generate these lights, I... Read more »

NASA Plans To Use Lunar Dust to Build Bases on the Moon

Everything is clear now for NASA. The US space agency will send humans back to the Moon, but they intend on doing it sustainably. In this regard, NASA plans to use lunar dust... Read more »