The Moon Might Have Been Hit by a Dwarf Planet Which Left It Lopsided

Although being so close to us and also being the object of interest of many studies and research conducted by humans, the Moon has yet a lot of mysteries to uncover. Such... Read more »

Lunar Colonists Can Live Inside The Moon’s Craters, According To A NASA Scientist

A NASA scientist allegedly claimed that astronauts embarking for Moon could live inside the craters on the lunar surface, which were created by lava. During an ‘ask me anything’ session on Reddit,... Read more »

Chang’e-4 And Yutu-2 Entered Dormant Mode For Another Lunar Night On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Although there are a lot of references to the “dark side of the Moon,” scientists state that there is actually no permanent enlightened part of the Moon, as there is no consistently... Read more »

Donald Trump Requests an Increase in NASA’s Funds to Send Humans to the Moon ​​

An increased fund request has been made by the Trump administration to the Congress on Monday. The Trump government requested the Congress to raise NASA’s spending for the following year by an... Read more »

Elon Musk Made Fun Of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s Spaceship for the Moon, ‘Blue Moon’

Jeff Bezos announced that his private space company named Blue Origin targets the Moon, and he revealed its first lunar lander, the ‘Blue Moon’ on Thursday, at the Washington Convention Center in... Read more »

NASA Defends the Lunar Gateway – Are They Able to Meet the 2024 Goal?

NASA continues to support the accelerated plan that wants to take a human to the Moon again. The company started to share a document named “Why Gateway?”, Trying to defend the return.... Read more »

Meteorite Hit The Moon During The Total Lunar Eclipse In January

On January 21, 2019, thousands of eyes turned to the sky to observe the total lunar eclipse. The event was fully visible from North and South America, Europe and western Africa, and... Read more »

New Experiment Shows How The Moon Was Formed

The moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, is a celestial body that orbits our planet at a speed of approximately 1.022 km per second. Scientists believe the Moon formed 4.5 billion years ago,... Read more »

Chinese Lunar Rover Yutu-2 Captures Stunning Images On The Far Side Of The Moon

Yutu-2, a Chinese rover sent to the Moon to examine the mostly unexplored portion of it, recently took some amazing high-quality pictures of the far side of the Moon. Numerous people were... Read more »

Israel Fails to Make History – Beresheet Lunar Lander Crashed On The Moon

Israel had sent a spacecraft to land on the moon on April 11, but the supposed historical moment had failed. Spacecraft Beresheet had the mission to land softly on the surface of... Read more »