The Moon Is Brighter Than The Sun In Images Shared By NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Newly surfaced images provided by one of the highest astronomical technologies deliver us one of a kind opportunity to see how the Moon is brighter than the Sun, in some images that... Read more »

Mini Nuclear Reactor For Future Outposts On The Moon And Mars Created By Scientists

Researchers at the Department of Energy of Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are creating a mini nuclear reactor that could be used to power outposts on the Moon and Mars... Read more »

China’s Yutu-2 Lunar Rover Entered Sleep Mode On The Far Side Of The Moon After Setting A New Record

As reported by the China National Space Administration, or CNSA, in short, China’s Yutu-2 lunar rover, a part of the Chang’e-4 mission, entered, once again, into sleep mode. However, before doing that,... Read more »

Moon Undergrounds, Lunar Lava Tubes, Might Serve As An Excellent Home For Future Lunar Colonists

The ambition to establish a permanent outpost on the moon will require a generous amount of resources, and NASA plans to harvest them from the satellite itself. The primary resource for the... Read more »

NASA Contract With ‘OrbitBeyond’ For Lunar Payload Services Annulled

NASA has been informed that one of the three companies it had selected to transport payloads is backing down. The mission in question was supposed to carry cargo to the lunar surface.... Read more »

SpaceX Plans To Land On The Moon In 2021, And NASA Thinks Of A Partnership

Almost 50 years have passed since NASA, or any other space agency last sent astronomers on the Moon. Recently, the space agencies, be them private or not, are itching to send human... Read more »

Survey Revealed Canadians’ Thoughts On Apollo 11 Mission And Future Of Space Exploration

July 20th was a day of grand celebrations as it was the 50th anniversary of the historic first space mission, Apollo 11, that landed humans on the Moon. Everyone celebrated in their... Read more »

Space Race for the Moon’s South Pole Commenced And China Is Winning

The South Pole of the Moon is one of the most sought after places in space right now. As of recently, there have been made many discoveries, the most important of all... Read more »

Moon Lava Tunnels Might Be The Home For Future Moon Colonists

Lava tunnels were discovered on the Moon in 2017 by Purdue University researchers. It is believed that these tubes could offer shelter for astronauts and future Moon colonists from the inhospitable conditions... Read more »

NASA Reveals New Details On Its Artemis Moon Program

NASA has been planning from quite some time to return to the Earth’s Moon and bring around the exploration of space. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, the National Aeronautics... Read more »