Stunning Photo Of The ISS Passing in Front of The Sun Captured by a Photographer

Rainee Colacurcio is the photographer that shot the breath-taking composite picture which NASA selected as the best astronomy picture of the day. The International Space Station (the ISS) is at 250 miles... Read more »

The ISS Astronauts Snapped The Raikoke Volcano Eruption From Space

The astronauts who are aboard the International Space Station have managed to photograph the incredible eruption of the Raikoke volcano. The Raikoke volcano is located in the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula. It erupted... Read more »

Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Returns Home After 204 Days On The ISS

On June 25th Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, Anne McClain, and Oleg Kononenko landed in Kazakhstan after six months on the International Space Station. While David Saint-Jacques is a Canadian astronaut, Anne McClain... Read more »

Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques To Come Back Home From The ISS

David Saint-Jacques, a Canadian astronaut, will come back to Earth in less than a week as his mission on the ISS will end soon. The astronaut offered an extensive interview to a... Read more »

NASA Plans To Open The International Space Station For Visitors

NASA declared just recently that the International Space Station (ISS) is now accessible to anyone, with the first visit anticipated to take place possibly next year. However, you will have to pay... Read more »

ESA Conducts An Anti-Aging Nanoparticles Experiment Aboard The ISS

An anti-aging European Space Agency experiment that reached the International Space Station (ISS) will focus on nanoparticles as a method to remove free radicals from the human body. This procedure could obstruct... Read more »

NASA’s Antares Will Launch With The Cygnus Cargo Ship For The ISS on April 17th – Watch It Live!

NASA is launching its Antares rocket that will carry the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the ISS on April 17th at 4:46 PM EDT. This event will be live on NASA Television and... Read more »

Russian Cargo Ship Completes Ultra-Fast Delivery To The ISS

A Russian cargo ship has managed to reach the International Space Station in record time. The uncrewed Progress 72 spacecraft took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan with the help of... Read more »

Resistant Terrestrial Organisms Survived Outside The ISS

A new study has discovered that resilient terrestrial organisms have managed to survive outside the ISS. The organisms in question faced intense space radiation, temperature variation and the vacuum of space. Some... Read more »