SpaceX Is Getting Ready For the First Uncrewed Crew Dragon Test Flight

Both SpaceX and Boeing are working on their crew capsules that will take U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. The first one to begin the tests is SpaceX, which has already... Read more »

This Mysterious Light Appeared On Wednesday Night

A weird light appeared on the sky last night, and it was seen by thousands of people from all over LA to the Bay Area. At first, nobody knew what the light... Read more »

NASA Update: First Crewed SpaceX Flight to the ISS in June 2019

According to NASA’s latest update on the SpaceX crewed flights towards the International Space Station (ISS), the first launch will take place in June 2019. NASA’s space shuttle program was retired in... Read more »

Space Junk Successfully Caught With RemoveDEBRIS Spacecraft’s Net

“This is not sci-fi. We repeat, not sci-fi,” wrote NanoRacks on Twitter as they posted a black and white video of a net catching debris in space. NanoRacks is a company in... Read more »

“Sabotage” Theory about the Hole on the ISS: Authorities React to the Russian Media’s Claims

The 2-millimeter hole that caused pressure leak in the International Space Station might have been fixed, but it still causes a lot of pressure on both Russian and American space agencies and... Read more »

Who Compromised Soyuz? Russia’s Space Agency Thinks It Was A Sabotage

Last week, the International Space Station suffered a pressure drop and air leak which was pinpointed to a tiny hole. Investigation of the Russian Agency shows that the leak was caused by... Read more »

The Russian Capsule from the International Space Station Has an Air Leak

On 30 August, the astronauts on board of the Russian capsule had to patch a small hole that let air leak from the Space Station. According to the space officials from NASA... Read more »

Russian Astronauts Venture outside the ISS for a Six-Hour Spacewalk

Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Prokopyev, two astronauts from the Russian space agency have finished their six-hour long spacewalk. It began at 11:58 a.m. EDT on 15 August, when they exited the Pirs... Read more »

Canadarm2 Grabs the Dragon Shipment Arriving at the International Space Station

Last Friday, the SpaceX mission was launched bearing goods to the International Space Station. They arrived on Monday, and the astronomers couldn’t be happier. The rocket carried a Dragon capsule which got... Read more »

A SpaceX Rocket Just Took off To Deliver Fresh Supplies to the Crew of the ISS

Two months ago, a SpaceX rocket flew into space with a NASA satellite. Now, it has launched to the International Space Station, carrying fresh station supplies for the crew. The rocket took... Read more »