​Earth’s Core Leaks Material Into The Planet’s Mantle

Our planet’s magnetic field is what defends us and makes the Earth habitable by impeding dangerous high-energy particles from space, including from the Sun. The origins of this magnetic field are the... Read more »

Chinese Lunar Orbiter Captured The Solar Eclipse From A Surprising Angle

A beautiful solar eclipse fascinated stargazers and astronomers last week. The Chinese lunar orbiter has managed to shoot an impressive image of the event from its position. The satellite orbits the moon,... Read more »

Asteroid FT3 Might Hit The Earth In October This Year

Asteroids are space rocks, part of the Solar System, thought to be shattered fragments of planetesimals, objects inside the young Sun’s nebula that never turned into planets. There exist around 20,000 known... Read more »

The Dead Sea Salt Deposits Might Uncover More About The Earth’s Evolution

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan and Israel. It is located at 430.5 meters (1,412 ft) below sea level, and it is 304 m (997 ft) deep. What... Read more »

Supernova Explosion Brought Heavy Metals On Earth

While we see gold, platinum, and other precious and heavy metals as ours only, in reality, the Earth has nothing in common with them. According to new studies, a supernova explosion brought... Read more »

Earth Relocation Is Possible To Escape From Sun’s Expansion When It’s Dying

Astronomers are now suggesting that in order to escape from the Sun’s heat as will expand and eventually die, we might have to alter the Earth’s orbit. An engineer has disclosed some... Read more »

Comets Had An Essential Role In Bringing Water on Earth

According to new research, scientists hypothesized that water on Earth emerged thanks to comets that brought it here from deep space billions of years ago. Accordingly, without comets and the water they... Read more »

First-Ever Image Of A Gamma-Rays Burst On Earth Obtained By Scientists

There is no higher energy form in the universe than gamma-rays. They come from extreme events happening in distant galaxies like suns exploding, collisions of extremely dense neutron stars, black holes swallowing... Read more »

Mars and Venus Share Some Traits With Earth, And They Can Teach Us More About Our Planet

Venus and Mars share many traits with Earth but there also apparent differences. The former has an atmosphere filled with poisonous gas while the other has traced of what used to be... Read more »

Global Warming Makes The Earth Spin Faster, Causing Extreme Weather and Affecting The Ecosystems

As the planet continues to become warmer harsh consequences will surface in the future according to some researchers. It is already known that a large number of greenhouse gases present in the... Read more »