Earth In Danger: Monstrous Superflares From The Sun To Cripple The Planet In The Next 100 Years

A superflare is a massive burst of charged particles, solar energy and cosmic radiation from the surface of a star. The solar flares have the potential to wipe out entire satellite networks... Read more »

We Could Move Our Planet To A Wider Orbit – The Strategies, Explained

If you’ve ever watched the sci-fi movie, The Wandering Earth, that has been recently released on Netflix, you saw the scenario in which humanity tries to change our planet’s orbit using some... Read more »

Why Does The BepiColombo Mission Must Take 7 Years To Begin Its Study?

The first mission to Mercury has been launched on 19 Oct., and the European and Japanese space agencies are happy to announce that everything is going according to plan. But why does... Read more »

Astronomers Claim A Ninth Planet Could Be Lurking In Our Solar System Beyond Neptune

Surhud More, a scientist from the University of Tokyo, believes that a ninth planet could be lurking beyond Neptune, but telescopes haven’t been able to spot it yet. Here’s what he told... Read more »

Life Reportedly Needs A Sun Similar To Ours To Exist – Our Sun Is 30% Brighter Than It Was When Life Appeared On Earth

Our sun is the engine driving all the environment on Earth. All the energy we use, besides nuclear energy, comes from the sun, either now or in the past, stored in fossil fuels.... Read more »

If the Sun Dies, Will You Survive?

In case the Sun runs out of fuel, and it dies, both Mars and Earth will become barren, charred worlds.  The atmosphere and the oceans of the plants will begin to boil... Read more »

Our Galaxy Is In Its Second Life, Claims Japanese Scientist

A long time ago, the Milky Way died and then it came back to life, explains a Japanese scientist after analyzing the data on the chemical composition of the stars inside the... Read more »

NASA Will Soon Touch The Sun

It did not even start, and NASA’s mission to fly to the sun was delayed yesterday by a technical problem. Early in the morning they started the countdown and after 5 seconds... Read more »

Get Ready For NASA’s Saturday Launch: The Parker Solar Probe Will “Touch” the Sun

NASA has a launch planned for this weekend. The Parker Solar Probe will be launched on 11 August if everything goes according to plan. This superfast spacecraft will get very close to... Read more »

The Partial Solar Eclipse: Who Can See It?

This weekend’s sky will be a summer attraction. We’ve seen the moon eclipse at the end of July, and now we’re going to watch a partial solar eclipse and the most active... Read more »