Evaporation Of Black Holes – New Study Confirms Stephen Hawking’s Theory

Back in 1974, Stephen Hawking was making one of his most famous predictions – the one claiming that black holes can evaporate and disappear entirely in the end. According to his theory,... Read more »

“Black hole” Created In The Lab Confirmed Stephen Hawking’s Radiation Theory

Scientists created a black hole analog that traps sound discovering the evidence of Hawking Radiation. Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted black holes, describing them as objects with such a strong,... Read more »

Research Could Possibly Debunk Stephen Hawking’s Theory On Dark Matter

Stephen Hawking has developed a theory regarding the dark matter. As he famously explained, he believed primordial black holes make up dark matter. He theorized that the Big Bang led to the... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Nurse Suspended For ‘Misconduct’ During Her Care For the Scientist

A year has passed since the brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking left this world. He devoted most of his life to science although his health condition was very poor. The debilitating motor neuron... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Possessions will be Auctioned for Charity

A selection of Stephen’s Hawkins most important and valuable possessions will be auctioned at the well-known Christie’s in London. Stephen Hawking was a renowned cosmologist, mathematician, astronomer and treasured author. He died... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s “Brief Answers To The Big Questions” Says Science is Under Threat

On Monday, Stephen Hawking’s voice was heard at a London launch event when his posthumous book “Brief Answers To The Big Questions,” was presented. The book was published on Tuesday, and it’s... Read more »

Stephen Hawking: Superhumans Will Threaten Humankind

The late physicist feared that one day, some humans would turn to DNA manipulation to become a race of superhumans. He predicted right before his death in March that this century, people... Read more »

The Threat Of AI: Stephen Hawking Predicted That A Race Of Superhumans Will Destroy Humanity

Stephen Hawking used to believe that developments in genetic science would lead to future generations of superhumans that could have the power to destroy the rest of humanity. In recently published material,... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper On the Black Hole Information Paradox Just Got Published

The final paper written by Stephen Hawking which dealt with the black hole information paradox has just been published by his colleagues in the journal arXiv. The team he worked with finished... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Final Scientific Paper Is Out: “Black Hole Entropy And Soft Hair”

Stephen Hawking’s final scientific paper has been eventually released by physicists who have been working with the late cosmologist on his efforts to understand what happens to information when objects fall into... Read more »