SpaceIL Beresheet Lunar Lander Crashed Due To “Manual Command” Error

Two weeks have passed since SpaceIL Beresheet lunar lander, the first Israeli spacecraft to reach the Moon, met its untimely demise as when a critical failure ruined the landing. The spacecraft was... Read more »

An Award Was Rewarded to SpaceIL Beresheet Moon Mission In Spite of Failed Landing

Although SpaceIL’s shot to the moon of their Beresheet spacecraft on Thursday evening was a letdown, XPRIZE Foundation will award the non-profit organization with a $1 million “Moonshot Award”​. XPRIZE is a... Read more »

Israel’s First Moon Mission Might Unravel The Mystery Of Magnetic Lunar Rocks

After SpaceIL and IAI spent eight years and about $100 million for building and preparing Israel’s first Moon mission, the so-called Beresheet lunar lander is one week away from its launch from Cape Canaveral... Read more »

The First Israeli Spacecraft Will Get to The Moon on a SpaceX Rocket

The first Israeli spacecraft which will land on the Moon will be launched this December, according to the SpaceIL announcement on 10 July. They plan to have the spacecraft land on the... Read more »