China’s Space Missions Plans Could Suffer Delays Due To Technical Issues

It seems that China’s plans for future space missions are facing difficulties. According to some sources, delays could be caused due to an issue with the rockets required for launches. China’s most... Read more »

Earth’s Minimoons Can Help Scientists Learn More About Asteroids

Some of the space rocks that get close to our planet start orbiting it for a while and then they are discarded. Scientists have named them “minimoons,” and they believe that these... Read more »

You Can Propose to Your Significant Other in Space

If both of you love stargazing and watching the sky, then what better way to propose to your significant other on your way to the moon? Starting with March 2022, you can... Read more »

The Hayabusa 2 Arrives Safely Close to Ryugu After Its 3.5-Year Journey

On 27 June, the Japanese spacecraft named Hayabusa 2 (‘peregrine falcon‘ in Japanese), arrived above the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu, which is 300 million kilometers away from Earth. It has traveled for three-and-a-half... Read more »

Hayabusa 2 Space Probe Approaches Asteroid Ryugu And Sends Home Detailed Images

The Hayabusa 2 space probe from Japan has now entered the final leg of its mission, which started four and a half years ago. It has completed a course adjustment, and it’s... Read more »

Top Tomatoes Inspired By Mars Missions

The future is already here, thanks to Barack Obama’s inspiring speech and ESA research that sent people in space for long-duration missions. We’re talking about tomatoes, sweet peppers and other vegetables that... Read more »