Children Born In Space Would Have Larger Heads And Different Skin Traits

The prime requirement for colonizing other planets is relatively simple: we need to construct spaceship which can carry us to the desired destinations. Many researchers are trying to discover and perfect technology... Read more »

NASA Is Preparing to Launch Life Forms in Space Once Again

NASA is currently preparing for launching a 14 kilograms satellite that will be the first one to carry life forms in space since 1972. Obviously, a handful of microbes are sent to... Read more »

Human Tissues Will Be Sent To Space For The Scientists To Observe The Changes

SpaceX’s latest mission is an ambitious one. On Saturday morning, a Falcon 9 rocket will be launched towards the International Space Station. Its main mission is to deliver 5,500 pounds of supplies... Read more »

V404 Cygni Black Hole Is Absorbing Space and Time, Emitting Powerful, Spinning Jets

Astronomers have discovered just recently fast-powerful, spinning jets coming from a black hole located about 8,000 light years from Earth. The black hole is known as V404 Cygni​ and is acting in... Read more »

The Role of Gaming in our Fascination with Space

Last year marked the 40-year anniversary of what is arguably the most popular and famous video game of all time. Space Invaders is a game that defined a generation, and even more... Read more »

Roasting Coffee In Space Might Become A Reality Thanks To a Startup

We are now living great times, technologically speaking. We are close to returning to the Moon, going to Mars, creating new devices and computers, such as the quantum computer and quantum Internet,... Read more »

A NASA Astronaut Believes He Saw an Alien-like Creature While in Space

Leland Melvin, a former NASA astronaut claims that, while being on his space shuttle in space, he observed an organic object that resembled an alien. This happened while he was on the... Read more »

NASA Wants to Turn Asteroids Into Autonomous Spacecraft With the Help of 3D Printing Company

In a recent announcement, NASA stated that they’re funding a 3D printing company from California to find a way and turn asteroids into autonomous spacecraft. Imagine asteroids that can fly to outposts... Read more »

The Potential Complications of Surgery in Space

As we know, astronauts must face lots of difficulties during a mission in space. Even the easiest task may become quite a challenge when there is no gravity. However, the list of... Read more »

Professors in Newfoundland and Oxford Fight Together to Save The Outer Space Environments

Over a year and a half ago, Jack Matthews and Sean McMahon met at a scientific conference and concluded that someone needs to protect the galaxy. So, they started writing a paper... Read more »