NASA Discovers Bizarre Ice Structure on Titan, Which Ignited Alien Life Theories

NASA scientists have encountered an incredible phenomenon, one that perplexed them to the core while unraveling. An enigmatic ice layer is expanding over 40 percent of the largest moon orbited by Saturn... Read more »

Titan, Saturn’s Moon, Has A Huge Ice Formation On Its Surface, According To New Research

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon, and it has materials like Earth does, organic material and water. The difference is that Titan does not have water, but methane. Because of the existence of... Read more »

Titan Has Liquid Lakes Made Of Both Ethane and Methane, NASA’s Cassini Data Showed

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft was retired earlier this year, but the probe managed to collect a large amount of data before it disappeared into the atmosphere of Saturn. During the last flyby around... Read more »

Titan, Largest Moon of Saturn, Should Be The Next Destination, NASA Engineer Thinks

Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, should be the next destination, a NASA scientist considers. Janelle Wellons, a NASA engineer, says we should think about settling on Titan, in case the Earth... Read more »

Saturn’s Moon, Titan, Is Unique In The Solar System

Titan, a Saturn’s moon, attracts astronomers and scientists as it is a unique space body in the Solar System. According to new research, Titan, which has a thick atmosphere, is currently producing... Read more »

The Iconic Rings Around Saturn Are Younger Than We Thought

We all recognize Saturn by its iconic rings, but back in the past, the gas giant had no halo. The discovery was made thanks to the gravity science data sent back to... Read more »

Moons Of Jupiter and Saturn Present Earth-Like Tidal Waves

Scientists made new measurements and found out that Europa and Enceladus, two moons of Jupiter and Saturn, respectively, might have powerful Earth-like tidal waves. As these two moons have thick ice sheets... Read more »

Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing At A Fast Rate As They’re Pulled Into The Planet

Saturn is one of the most admired planets in our solar system, but now, there’s a brand new study which suggests that it might lose its beauty. The planet’s rings could be... Read more »

Saturn Could Lose Its Rings Sooner Than Astronomers Considered Until Now

Saturn’s dusty and icy rings are the iconic feature of the second-largest planet of our Solar System. However, they pour so much water onto Saturn that in just 300 million years they... Read more »

The Discovery from NASA’s Cassini Changes the Way Experts see Saturn

A shocking feature emerging at the northern pole of Saturn was spotter by scientists who used the data Cassini spacecraft from NASA collected. Their discovery is a hexagonally shaped jet stream which... Read more »