65 Million-Year-Old Fossils Uncovered By Saskatchewan Scientists

Scientists at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum had a busy summer. Together with students and volunteers, they looked for dinosaur traces, and their work was not in vain. They found a skull of... Read more »

Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe Disappointed By The Discussion With Justin Trudeau On The Carbon Tax

Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe admitted he is not happy with the outcomes of the meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the members of the federal Liberal caucus in Saskatoon where they... Read more »

Residents of Saskatchewan may Apply for Individual Autism Funding

Great news for the residents of Saskatchewan as they can now apply for individual funding for autism spectrum disorders, which is offered by the government. Promised in April, a budget of approximately... Read more »

Vancouver-science YouTuber Proves that the ‘World is Round’

It’s a common and baffling fact: flat-earthers exist, and they don’t want to understand that there is gravity, the Earth is round, or that satellites are real! A former educator from Vancouver... Read more »

Legislation Advocates For Victims Of Revenge Porn

New revenge porn legislation being proposed in Saskatchewan seeks to deter people from broadcasting intimate images of other people. Too often people find themselves victims of this embarrassing situation but now, residents... Read more »