Frozen Pastries Could be Infected with Salmonella

Death had come from some frozen pastries served at a Winnipeg care home in Canada. The frozen pastries had come from Thailand and are now linked to the outbreak salmonella from Canada.... Read more »

Salmonella Warning On Frozen Raw Breaded Chicken Products

Canada’s chief medical officers came out with a joint statement after associating hundreds of Salmonellosis cases over the past 16 months to frozen raw breaded chicken products contaminated with Salmonella. “Food contaminated with Salmonella may... Read more »

Are You Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Food? Here’s How It Can Make You Sick, Too

In a world where processed food has started to be demonized, many dog owners have begun to reconsider conventional pet food. We all think of what’s best for our health, so why... Read more »

One Single Foodborne Outbreak Has a Huge Impact On Restaurants, Study Shows

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have published their study in the journal Public Health Reports, after completing several computer simulations on foodborne illness outbreaks and their consequences... Read more »