Russia Successfully Launched Spektr-RG Mission For Observing Dark Matter

On 13th of July, yesterday, a successful launch took place on a Proton rocket thanks to which we now have a European and Russian all-sky-survey satellite in space to observe dark matter.... Read more »

Russia Plans To Send A Mining Rover And Modules For Lunar Base To The Moon Around 2030

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has big plans with the Moon. As we might be on the verge of a new space race, Russia is not going to let NASA and Chinese... Read more »

ISS Hole, Drilled From The Inside, Concludes A Russian Astronaut

On August 30th, the astronauts on the International Space Station had to deal with a strange issue – a hole in the station’s hull caused an oxygen leak. Even though the problem... Read more »

ISS Soyuz Failed Launch: Astronauts Thankful For the Rescuers’ Quick Reaction

Nick Hague, the U.S astronaut who was on board of the Russian capsule with his mate Alexei Ovchinin, were not expecting the mission to end up with an emergency landing in Kazakhstan.... Read more »

“Sabotage” Theory about the Hole on the ISS: Authorities React to the Russian Media’s Claims

The 2-millimeter hole that caused pressure leak in the International Space Station might have been fixed, but it still causes a lot of pressure on both Russian and American space agencies and... Read more »

Who Compromised Soyuz? Russia’s Space Agency Thinks It Was A Sabotage

Last week, the International Space Station suffered a pressure drop and air leak which was pinpointed to a tiny hole. Investigation of the Russian Agency shows that the leak was caused by... Read more »

Russian Spacecraft Sets a New Speed Record As It Travels Towards the International Space Station

Another spacecraft loaded with supplies just flew this Monday with a speed record. It took less time to get from Earth to the International Space Station than it usually takes to fly... Read more »