Successful Study on Mice Shows Young Blood Helps Elderly Live Longer

A study conducted on mice found that blood taken from a younger animal can help revitalize old ones. Will this study continue with human trails? This Century’s Vampires? The lead author of... Read more »

Why Did Daytime Animals Turn Into Night Owls? Scientists Have the Answer

A new study shows that human’s interference with the natural habitat of wildlife made daytime animals change their routine. Scientists have known it for some time, seeing mammals travel to areas where... Read more »

Moms Who Enjoy a Cup of Coffee While Pregnant Increases the Risk of Obesity in Their Kids

Future moms that love drinking coffee during their pregnancy could increase their child’s risk of obesity later in life. A Scandinavian study was recently published in the journal BMJ Open, showing that... Read more »

Gut Bacteria Is Vital: Lower The Risks of Heart Attacks Eating Probiotic Foods

  The human gut contains important microbiome that can determine the risk of atherosclerosis. According to a new research, atherosclerosis is a major cause of heart attacks. It’s the condition that narrows... Read more »

Cancer Cells Can Stay Dormant For Years: Scientists Just Found Out The Reason Behind It

There is a new evidence that shows us a different perspective regarding cancer cells. We’ve thought that cancer grows fast and it can’t be easily controlled, but Francesco Crea, Lecturer in Life... Read more »

Abstaining From Alcohol Could Ease PMS Symptoms

A new study on European women shows that alcohol consumption is linked with an increased risk of PMS. The researchers have analyzed 19 studies that included over 47,000 participants from eight countries.... Read more »

Children’s Muscles Recover from Exercise Faster than Endurance Athletes

A new study published by co-authors Sébastien Ratel (associate professor in Exercise Physiology at the Université Clermont Auvergne, France), and Anthony Blazevich (Professor in Biomechanics at Edith Cowan University, Australia) focused on... Read more »

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Obesity and Diabetes, Shows New Study

It might be true that sugar is our number one enemy when it comes to getting fat, or developing chronic diseases, but a new study performed on lab mice shows that artificial... Read more »

Prototype ‘Artificial Mole’ Implant Can Warn Doctors of Early Cancer

Scientists from Switzerland have created a skin implant which is still in experimental stage. The implant will help doctors find early signs of cancers in patients. It will darken like a mole... Read more »

Scientists Say Diamonds From A Meteor Prove The Existence Of a Long-Lost Planet

The Nubian Desert has holding a surprise for scientists that were looking for a meteor fallen north of Sudan. Inside that meteor, there are specks of diamonds! A new scientific report argues... Read more »