New Research Shows Bacteria Exterminated at Higher Rates than Expected

The new theory shows that in the past million years between 45,000 and 95,000 types of bacteria have gone extinct. Researchers have also discovered that bacteria resists mass extinction, hitting strong life... Read more »

Spider Kim Was Trained to Jump, All in the Name of Science

Scientists have taught a spider they call Kim to jump on demand. It might sound odd, but it was done all in the name of science! They wanted to learn how the... Read more »

HIV Sexual Transmission Could Be Stopped With a Vaginal Implant

A new medical device could help protect women from HIV infection during sex. Scientists with the University of Waterloo have developed a new technology, creating a vaginal implant to reduce the risk... Read more »

Scientists Harvest First Vegetable Crops From Antarctic Greenhouse

Last year, a greenhouse container was on its way to the Antarctic. Now, it’s time for the scientists to harvest their crops! They have successfully grown their first crop of veggies without... Read more »

Researchers Developed a Special Patch to Detect Bacteria Inside Packaged Food

What if we’d go to a supermarket and see a patch especially engineered to tell us that the food we buy is 100% safe to eat? It would surely be a good... Read more »

Injectable Bandage Developed by Researchers From Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Great news for doctors, soldiers and whoever is in need of quickly treating a wound and stop the bleeding! Researchers at the Inspired Nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory have developed a bandage... Read more »

Using MRIs Calgary Scientists Aim to Reduce Use of Mice and Rats in Medical Research

The University of Calgary now has a small MRI to help minimize the number of rats and mice they have in their experiments. Using the small MRI, medical scientists at the university... Read more »

Canada 150 Program Brings International ‘Brain Gain’ for Canadian Universities

Last summer, in June, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan stated that they are looking to hire bright international researchers to come and work in Canada. For grants of over $1 million, Duncan has... Read more »