Toronto Pride Parade Took Place Amid Tensions Between the Police and the LGBTQ Community

The annual Pride Parade in Toronto took place last Sunday on the city’s streets. The streets were full of color and joy, but it also had a few tense moments. The marching... Read more »

Future Edmonton Pride Parades to Ban the Presence of Police and Military

The pride parade on Whyte Avenue was interrupted by a group of trans people and queer of color, who wanted to make known some of the issues with the Edmonton Pride Festival... Read more »

Witnesses See Calgary Police Officer Getting Shot

The shooting that took place in Calgary on Tuesday afternoon ended in one death and a police officer injured. The officer is in stable condition after he suffered multiple injuries. His family... Read more »

Division within the Ottawa LGBT community

The decision by the organizers of the Pride Festival in the capital to ask Ottawa Police officers (SPO) who will participate in the parade not to wear their uniform has sparked strong... Read more »