What Would Happen If You Live Long Enough On Other Planets

From what we were taught, without a spacesuit a human can survive in only one place in our solar system, that being the earth. However, it does not mean we can’t analyze... Read more »

An Alien Sun to Suck up Planets?

RW Aur is a binary star system which is situated in the Auriga constellation 450, which is light years from Earth. It’s safe to say that it has since quite a while... Read more »

Odds of Life on Mars Boosted: Scientists Analyzed the Crust of a Martian Meteorite

Researchers published a new study on 27 June, showing that the crust that surrounds Mars could have made life on Mars possible. The crust encased the Red Planet 100 million years earlier... Read more »

Astronomers Want Pluto to Be Called a Planet Again

Astronomers believed that the Solar system has nine planets. For decades, astronomers thought we had nine planets in the Solar system. However, in 2006 Pluto lost its status as a planet. Now,... Read more »