Planet X Might Soon Be Spotted, Scientists Believe

There are icy objects beyond Neptune that don’t present usual orbits around the Sun due to the existence of a hidden planet nicknamed by astronomers as Planet Nine or Planet X. Soon... Read more »

Searching For Nibiru: Scientists Plan To Look For “Planet X” In The Cosmic Microwave Background

Nibiru is, reportedly, the home planet of the Anunnaki, the gods of the ancient Sumerian civilization. According to the conspiracy theory, Nibiru lurks at the edge of the Solar System, and once... Read more »

Planet Nine? Something Much Bigger Could Be Lurking at Our Solar System’s Edge

How many times haven’t we heard about Planet Nine, Planet X, the Rogue Planet and so on? So far, none of them have been proven to exist. This time, scientists think that... Read more »

The Hunt for Planet X Continues

The existence of the elusive Planet X continues to fascinate astronomers from all over the world. A new paper argues that the mysterious planet could be tracked down by analyzing the cosmic... Read more »

Uranus Is An Odd Planet And New Research Has Figured It Out Why

Why is this planet so weird? It has a very different way of spinning, it that is what made researchers theorize what made it spin on its side. According to Great Lakes... Read more »

Astronomers Just Spotted The Solar System’s Farthest Known Object

A brand new cosmic body has just been discovered. Astronomers have just spotted the farthest known object that is in our solar system. They have nicknamed it the pink cosmic body “Farout.”... Read more »

Planet X: Could Scientists’ Goblin Discovery Support Nibiru-Based Apocalypse Theories?

Doomsday enthusiasts usually have to work against science to predict an apocalypse, but this time, expert scientists might have opened Pandora’s box for them. The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center which... Read more »

Elusive Planet Nine Could Be Found By Tracing “The Goblin”

After years of searching for Planet Nine, astronomers still haven’t seen it yet. However, there is some proof seen in many trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) that imply the presence of a large planet... Read more »

The “Hypothetical Planet X” – NASA In-Depth Article on the Mysterious “Planet Nine”

According to an article published on NASA’s webpage, there is a hypothetical planet deep in our solar system. However, scientists argue that it’s not the fictional doomsday bringer – Nibiru. Caltech astronomers... Read more »

The Planet Nine Conspiracy: What Does NASA Think About “Nibiru”?

There are many conspiracy theories involving space or astronomy: people claim the Apollo 11 moon landing wasn’t real, or that the Illuminati and Freemasons were lizard-people. The last theory is the Nibiru... Read more »