Planet Nine Groundbreaking Study Gets Astronomers Closer To Finding Its Orbit

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Planet Nine Is Being Hunted Down With Powerful Telescopes In Hawaii

An astronomers team, led by Professor Michael Brown of Caltech and his colleague Konstantin Batygin, is examining the night sky using the Subaru Telescope Mauna Kea Observatory, in Hawaii. What they are... Read more »

Planet Nine is Hunted by a Telescope from Hawaii

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Astronomers Are Closer Than Ever To Spotting Planet Nine

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Planet X Might Soon Be Spotted, Scientists Believe

There are icy objects beyond Neptune that don’t present usual orbits around the Sun due to the existence of a hidden planet nicknamed by astronomers as Planet Nine or Planet X. Soon... Read more »

Planet Nine? Something Much Bigger Could Be Lurking at Our Solar System’s Edge

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Planet Nine Might Not Be The Culprit For The Strange Orbits Of Distant Solar System Objects

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The Search for Planet Nine Continues

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Searching for Planet Nine – A Never-Ending Hunt

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Does Planet Nine Really Exists in our Solar System?

Almost three years ago another planet ten times more massive than our planet Earth, was supposedly discovered in our Solar System. All the evidence of the existence of this planet is debatable... Read more »