Ploonet – When A Moon Becomes A Planet

The definition of a planet has remained controversial among the scientific community, but there are a lot of fascinating objects which blurs the lines even more. A team of researchers has discovered... Read more »

Historical Study Might Help Pluto Regain Its Status as a Planet

Back in 2006, Pluto lost its status as a planet, when the International Astronomical Union concluded that it wasn’t worthy enough for the title, downgrading it to the status of a “dwarf... Read more »

You can conserve half the planet without starving

Every day 386,000 new babies are born into the world and at the same time, according to scientists, between one and 100 species go extinct. These species mainly disappear because of habitat... Read more »

Planet at the Verge of Overheating – New Reports Says

The planet is at risk of overheating, temperatures will be 4-5 degrees Celsius higher than previously recorded; greenhouse emissions register higher levels, new reports show. A report published on Monday in the... Read more »

The Planet Melts This Summer

The outrageous warmth that numerous Canadians have encountered this summer could be a look into the future, as a climate expert said in an interview. Condition Canada’s David Phillips cautions that the... Read more »

Astronomers Discover a Newborn Planet 370 Light Years Away

The first photo of its kind shows a newborn planet that is taking shape 370 light years from Earth. Gas and dust surround it, and the image is the first confirmation of... Read more »

Iron: the Mineral that Prevents our Planet from Looking like Mars

A new theory published in Science Advances rejected the superstition regarding the mineral magnetite being in charge of retaining iron in the Earth’s landmasses. This new examination blamed a distinct goal: garnet.... Read more »