Scientists Discovered Why Protons And Neutrons Act Differently Inside An Atom

Science is behind all the achievements of humanity, and it helps us understand the world. However, there are numerous things left to discover or understand. The good news is that we are... Read more »

High Energy Particles Came Out of Antarctica, Breaking Physics

Antarctica’s frozen ground spewed high energy particles as if they just traveled through our planet, continuing their path towards space. The cosmic ray was picked up by the ANITA experiment, which is... Read more »

New Data Generated By Gaia, Hubble Might Lead to New Physics

Measuring the rate of the universe’s expansion is something difficult and scientists have been trying to get it right for years. However, this time they might be closer than they have ever... Read more »

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Was Tested on Galactic Scales

An experiment published in the journal Science shows that Einstein’s theory of general relativity works on a huge scale. Astronomers used a galaxy to see if the theory works on a larger... Read more »

Stephen Hawking’s Ashes Are In Westminster Abbey, Between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin

Friday, the ashes of Stephen Hawking were buried in Westminster Abbey, a place that honors the greatest scientists in the UK. His ashes were buried between the graves of Isaac Newton and... Read more »