This Fossil Shark Had Teeth Resembling a Spaceship

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Scientists Discover Remains of Elephant-sized Plant-Eater that Lived 200 Million Years Ago

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558 Million Years Ago, This Weird Animal Lived On Earth

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Weird Fossil Turtle With No Shell Sheds Light On The Turtle Evolution

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Rewriting the History of Long-Necked Dinosaurs: ‘Amazing Dragon’ Fossils Uncovered

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Prepare to Rethink How Ancient Animals’ Colors Looked: New Kind of Pigment Found in Fossil

Paleontologists at the University College Cork and the University of Bristol have discovered the pigment melanin in fossil, making scientists reconsider the colors of ancient birds, reptiles, and dinosaurs. So far, studies... Read more »

New Dinosaur Species Uncovered: It’s the Oldest-Known Giant Dinosaur

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Paleontologists Discover ‘Monstrous’ Sabre-Toothed Fossils from Russia: The Early Evolution of Mammals

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Scientists Analyzed The Oldest Lizards Fossil and Found the Evolutionary ‘Missing Link’ of Squamates

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How Did Birds Survive the Asteroid That Killed All Dinosaurs 66 Million Years Ago?

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