Illicit Drug Deaths In 2018 Surpass This Years Number – Unpredictable Drug Supply Might Be The Cause

Unfortunately, it looks like the number of deaths in the city due to overdose on illicit drugs is still climbing. By the end of August 2018, there have been 29 such deaths... Read more »

Drug Users Should Be Empowered As Experts And Paid For Their Expertise In Overdose Crisis, Says B.C. Report

The latest report says that drug users are usually the first responders to an overdose and they should be paid for their contribution to research, service delivery, and overdose prevention. The B.C.... Read more »

Lots Of Fatal Overdoses Involved Mental Illness, Latest Reports Say

The BC Coroners Service reported that completed investigations of 872 overdose fatalities show more than half of individuals who died had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or they had evidence... Read more »