Low-dose Aspirin Taken Daily could Reduce the Risk of Developing Ovarian Cancer

A recent study seems to suggest that women can reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer by taking low-dose aspirin every day. On the other hand, a standard-dose aspirin (325 mg) does... Read more »

Baby Powder Reportedly Causes Ovarian Cancer – Johnson & Johnson Is The Subject Of More Lawsuits And Controversies

Baby powder maker Johnson & Johnson has been the subject of various lawsuits, and there are also two pending class-action cases in Canada. The allegations are that the product causes ovarian cancer... Read more »

‘A Game Changer in Ovarian Cancer’: NHS Fund Approval of Treatment With Niraparib

A drug that can prevent the recurring of cancer could be a “game-changing” treatment for thousands of women. The NHS has approved this drug a year and a half earlier. The National... Read more »

Britain’s Angle to Develop a Test That Detects Ovarian Cancer

The British’s liquid biopsy company, which is called Angle, said that its Parsortix blood test had beaten up current techniques in recognizing ovarian tumour, a discovery that could enable women to get... Read more »