Pink Salmon Is Another Potential Threat To Orcas, Scientists Agree

Besides dams, pollution and vessel noise, already identified as threats to the Northwest Pacific killer whales, scientists determined that pink salmon is also endangering the orcas. Four salmon researchers made this finding after... Read more »

Chemicals Banned in the ‘70s are Apparently to Blame for the Massive Die-off of Orcas

There is a new alarming study out now which speaks of how a group of industrial chemicals which were banned by people decades ago are linked to the cause of the decrease... Read more »

Ill Orca J50 Declared Dead: “We Are Witnessing a Slow-Motion Extinction”

A sick killer whale calf spotted by scientists who have been struggling to treat since August has now died. The head of the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island in... Read more »

Salmon Fishing Banned in Parts of B.C. Coast to Protect the Orca Population

Parts of the West Coast have been closed, as the federal officials are trying to protect the threatened orca population. Starting with 1 June, parts of Juan De Fuca Strait, the mouth... Read more »