Curiosity Selfie Shows Its Dust-Covered Body and the Dark Skies, While Opportunity Is Still Sleeping

After the massive Martian storm, NASA’s Curiosity rover continued its work and collected more samples from the surface. Two weeks after the storm started to clear, the rover collected a rock sample... Read more »

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Can’t be Contacted from the Earth

When you are trying to contact a rover, and it is asking for five more minutes of sleep, you are losing time on the way. NASA has lastly heard from the Opportunity... Read more »

NASA Opportunity Rover Just Got a Survival Deadline on Mars – What Does That Mean?

On 30 August, NASA had a grim announcement to make about recovering the silent rover on Mars. After fighting the dust storm that wrapped the entire Red Planet, the rover hasn’t sent... Read more »

What Opportunity Rover’s Survival Deadline means 

On 30th of Thursday, NASA announced Mars rover Opportunity’s recovery deadline after battling a dust storm for the last few months and the company not giving any information on it. According to... Read more »