Drug-Dealing Pharmacists Are Reportedly Supporting Ontario’s Opioid Crisis

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis in Ontario has been fed by pharmacists according to the latest report. There has been a staged robbery at pharmacist Waseem Shaheen’s IDA pharmacy in Ottawa. He was... Read more »

Opioid Crisis Is Killing More Than 11 Canadians On A Daily Basis

The opioid crisis seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Latest research shows that more than 11 Canadians are dying every day because of opioids. “The crisis is not abating,” Theresa Tam,... Read more »

Thunder Bay Is Ravaged By The Opioid Crisis And Waiting For An Overdose Prevention Site

Thunder Bay’s rate of overdose deaths is reportedly double the provincial average. Although Ontario as a whole has not been hit as hard by the overdose fatalities which are primarily driven by... Read more »

Researchers Concerned About Ketamine: It Treats Depression, But Acts Like An Opioid

Hailed a miracle drug in treating depression, Ketamine is now a drug that researchers fear it might work differently on patients’ brains. A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry... Read more »

British Columbia Government Sues Pharmaceutical Companies Over The Opioid Crisis

On yesterday, August 29th, British Columbia Government, in Canada, adopted a proposal and now sues tens of pharmaceutical companies over the opioid crisis that’s currently affecting the country. Accordingly, the officials alleged... Read more »

Beware Of New Opioid Cocktail Called Purple Heroin – The Drug Is On The Streets Of Collingwood

Purple heroin is a new dangerous drug cocktail that includes synthetic opioids. Collingwood and The Blue Mountains OPP revealed that purple heroin was discovered by Collingwood officers during an investigation. Unfortunately, no... Read more »

Canada’s Drug Crisis: Ottawa Will Not Decriminalize Drugs Apart From Cannabis

The federal government stated that it will not consider decriminalizing drugs apart from marijuana despite the calls from Canada’s major cities to consider the issue. It’s already a known fact that the... Read more »