Monitoring For Opioid Overdoses: HopeBand Can Save People’s Life

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Life Expectancy In B.C., Pushed Down By Opioid Overdose Deaths – Cannabis Is Also Contributing To The Problem

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Researchers Concerned About Ketamine: It Treats Depression, But Acts Like An Opioid

Hailed a miracle drug in treating depression, Ketamine is now a drug that researchers fear it might work differently on patients’ brains. A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry... Read more »

Pregnant Mother Eats Poppy Seed Bagel, Gets Separated From Her Baby For Five Days

Elizabeth Eden who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, was in labor when the doctor comes into the room telling her she tested positive for opiates. Then it dawns on her: was it because... Read more »

Kids’ Exposure to Addiction Drug Increased By 215% in Three Years, Shows Study

A new study published on 25 June in the journal Academics has found that from 2007 to 2016, over 11,200 calls reported children’s exposure to opioid medication which is used to treat... Read more »

The FDA Warns That More Drugs Could Be Abused

Addiction makes many victims among Americans. This issue makes the Food and Drug Administration take a step in warning that non-opioid painkillers could be used abusively. The FDA officials Douglas C. Throckmorton,... Read more »

Opioid Toxicity is the Most Common Issue met in the Thunder Bay Emergency Room

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Kensington, Philadelphia is Discussing the Possibility of Having a Safe Opioid Injection site

Kensington, Philadelphia is a large neighbourhood, but the most unpleasant statistics associated with it is that here have happened many overdose deaths and most of the residents suffer from an opioid addiction.... Read more »