The Funniest Nobels Ever: Canadian Professor Among 2018 Ig Nobels Winners

A study conducted by Lindie Liang, an assistant professor of business at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., just received an Ig Nobel award. “We wanted to understand why subordinates retaliate when... Read more »

Deeply Disturbing Statistics Show Canada’s High Rates of Suicides, Child Abuse and Infant Mortality

The global reputation Canada has had so far that it’s a healthy and safe place to raise children is now hit by statistics that found life is not that pink: there are... Read more »

New Children Lyme Cases Discovered in Ontario, Nova Scotia

A recent study revealed that 81 percent of Lyme disease cases that involved little children were present in Ontario and Nova Scotia. The research was made for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program.... Read more »

Canadian Researchers Create Plastic Patch to Warn Consumers When the Food is Spoiled or Contaminated

Researchers at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have developed a plastic film that could make “best before” dates irrelevant. Soon enough, consumers will know if the food they buy is safe... Read more »

Researchers Deliberately Spilled Oil in Northwestern Ontario Lake For a Study on Ecosystem

Over the past weekend, researchers went to northwestern Ontario and spilled diluted oilsands bitumen and crude oil into a lake. They are studying how the ecosystem responds to the substances. The project... Read more »

This Blind Woman Can See Objects Only If They Move

Inside the human brain, there’s a tissue the size of a tennis ball that allows us to see. But in Milena Canning’s brain, that tissue is missing, meaning that she’s blind. Except... Read more »

Would You Drink Cockroach Milk? It’s the Next Trend of ‘Superfoods’

We will start this article by saying ‘EEEEEWWW’ and then assess some of the facts biochemists and researchers stated over the years on this matter. Many scientists claim that insects are loaded... Read more »

Thousands Remain In the Dark After Powerful Wind Storm in Ontario

Environment Canada has issued a warning on upcoming windstorms in Ontario and other regions starting with Thursday, but nobody would have expected to be of this proportion. Not only thousands of people... Read more »

Ontario Liberal Budget Plans to Include Free Daycare for Preschoolers

The Liberals in Ontario have planned to make full-day daycare free for all children that are 2-and-a-half until they can go to kindergarten. The program will be set in motion starting with... Read more »