Enceladus, A Saturn’s Moon, Has Nutrient-Rich Oceans For Bacteria

In 2004, the Cassini probe arrived in Saturn’s orbit and sent back quite a few exciting discoveries. Enceladus, the 6th-largest Saturn’s moon shows, at its southern polar region, geothermal activity. That evidenced... Read more »

Alien Life Might Be More Prevalent As Many Exoplanets Might Have Oceans Of Liquid Water

There is now enough evidence to turn scientists into believing that an ocean on Pluto might not actually be frozen as it was believed up until this point, but rather embedded under... Read more »

Oceans are Warming up Faster Than it was Preconized

Based on new research is it safe to say that the warming of the ocean is accelerating more rapidly than the scientists estimated. The analysis was published a few days ago in... Read more »

How to Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Use a Fleet of Ocean Cleanup Systems

The System 001 Ocean Cleanup system took six months of assembly, but it’s now finally complete and ready to begin saving the ocean. The system will be towed in a couple of... Read more »

Canadian Researcher Finds Plastic Degrading in the Ocean Is a Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

They don’t just pile up on the beach. Plastics end up in the ocean and start slowly degrading and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. This was the discovery of a team of researchers... Read more »

Scientists Say Killing Rats Could Save the Reefs

In a race to save one of the world’s most beautiful and complex ecosystems, scientists are looking for ways to approach this issue. Until now, the obvious culprits that killed the coral... Read more »

U.S. and Japan Refrain From Signing G7 Agreement to Reduce Plastic Waste in Oceans

Among many other issues debated at the G7 summit this weekend, there was also the problem of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the European Union... Read more »

‘If the ocean dies, so do we,’ Said Margaret Atwood On The Future of The Ocean Ecosystems

Margaret Atwood, the renowned author, has recently attended the Under Her Eye summit in London. There, she commented on our future, which is linked to the oceans. Plastic pollution has gotten out... Read more »