Processed Foods Linked to Obesity, Heart Diseases and Even Death

It has been proved, and we all know that processed foods are incredibly bad for our health. Chips, frozen pizza, and fizzy drinks are abundant of salt, sugar and fat, but now... Read more »

Obesity May Also Impair Your Mind

Researchers from The Journal of Neuroscience recently discovered that obesity can break down the blood-brain barrier. That barrier is what keeps the brain’s blood vessels (i.e., capillaries) and cells and other brain... Read more »

The Cause Of Obesity Could Be In Our Genes, Says Latest Research

Researchers from Western University found a gene that increases fat accumulation when it’s removed from mice. This means that researchers may have found a gene that is able to regulate fat excess.... Read more »

Popular Meals Changed, Due To Government Anti-Obesity Plan: Pizzas Must Shrink Or Lose Their Toppings

It seems that according to the Government’s anti-obesity plans which involve cutting down on calories from thousands of meals in both supermarkets and restaurants, pizza has to lose its topping or shrink.... Read more »

Household Cleaners Are Linked To Weight Gain In Children, Latest Study Says

A new University of Alberta study warns that the frequent use of disinfectant to keep our homes clean can trigger weight gain and even obesity in children. Anita Kozyrskyj, a U of... Read more »

A New Weight-Loss Pill Successfully Fights Against Obesity And Overweight

The fight with excess weight and obesity is a hard one and few solutions besides the bariatric surgery have been able to win it. A weight loss pill has been hailed as... Read more »

Weight Loss Pill Called ‘Holy Grail’ That Helps Curb Obesity Is Safe for Heart Health

A drug has been deemed safe for heart health in long-term treatments for people willing to lose weight. This news is great, encouraging more to lose weight and curb the global obesity... Read more »

Obesity: Impact the Future by Changing Your Mentality

Almost 7/37 million adult Canadians suffer from obesity. It is linked with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Sean Wharton, a doctor and obesity... Read more »

Changing our Approach Towards Obesity

Currently, there are as many as seven million adults living with obesity in Canada. As we know, obesity is closely connected to several chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2... Read more »

People Suffering From Obesity Who Carry The Flu Virus May Be Contagious For An Extended Time

Latest research shows that people who are obese may carry the influenza A virus for more extended periods of time compared to healthy weight people. The study’s results suggested that obesity influences... Read more »