Alien Life Possible on Frozen ‘Super Earth’ Exoplanet Which is Six Light Years Away

An exoplanet candidate found orbiting a star six light years away from our planet has just been declared by scientists an exoplanet, and it’s called Barnard b. Back in November 2018, researchers... Read more »

New Planet Found By Citizen Team of Volunteer Astronomers

The Kepler Space Telescope is sleeping and not expected to wake up since it’s out of fuel. However, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or as we all know it – TESS, is... Read more »

New Exoplanet Discovered By A Canadian Student And Her Team

An international team led by a Canadian student discovered a new exoplanet, Wolf 503b, a Super-Earth twice as massive as our world. The group of young scientists, which also included researchers from... Read more »