Neutron Star Anomaly Revealed More Details On These Mysterious Space Objects

A team of researchers recently published a paper about the study they conducted on the Vela Pulsar, a neutron star located 1,000 light-years away from our home planet. Neutron stars some of... Read more »

Astronomers Amazed as they Discover a Neutron Star that Shouldn’t Exist

When a star goes supernova, its evolutionary endpoint is basically represented by a neutron star. The material which made the star is now blown off, scattered into space, while the core of... Read more »

Hubble Identified Atypical Infrared Emission from Nearby Neutron Star

Atypical infrared emission from the nearby neutron star dubbed as RX J0806.4-4123 has been detected by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The discovery could suggest new never-before-seen features in a neutron star as there... Read more »