Shocking “Forbidden Planet” With Atmosphere, Discovered In The Neptunian Desert

Astronomers have just made another surprising discovery these days. An exoplanet that’s smaller than Neptune and also has its very own atmosphere has been discovered in the Neptunian Desert by an international... Read more »

Triton, Neptune’s Largest Moon, Presents A Rare Phenomenon

A team of researchers surveyed Triton, Neptune’s largest moon with the help of the Gemini Observatory. The researchers observed a remarkable interaction between the carbon monoxide and nitrogen ices. The new information... Read more »

Hot ‘Superionic’ Ice, Thought To Exist On Uranus and Neptune, Finally Obtained By Scientists

Scientists have officially declared the existence of hot ‘superionic’ ice which is water, frozen, but which can still stay in solid form even at extremely high temperatures. This strange ice is only... Read more »

The Great Dark Spot, The Giant Storm On Neptune, Documented By Hubble Space Telescope

As said on a new report, the Hubble Space Telescope has taken some pictures of the formation of a Great Dark Spot on Neptune. That was the first time this has happened.... Read more »

NASA Plans Sending A Space Probe To Neptune’s Moon Triton To Search For Alien Life

NASA proposed to send a space probe to Neptune’s moon Triton, the planet’s largest moon, to study it from a closer distance and even search for alien life. Representatives from the NASA’s... Read more »

Astronomers Claim A Ninth Planet Could Be Lurking In Our Solar System Beyond Neptune

Surhud More, a scientist from the University of Tokyo, believes that a ninth planet could be lurking beyond Neptune, but telescopes haven’t been able to spot it yet. Here’s what he told... Read more »

A Brand New Picture of Neptune was Taken Using Cutting-edge Optics Technology

A new picture of Neptune was taken by astronomers, with the help of The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), which is located in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Innovative technology allowed... Read more »