Car-Sized NASA Closer To The Sun

NASA is getting ready to launch a derrick in August to study the Sun closer than anyone ever has, revealing more mysteries behind the star. “Parker Solar Probe” is scheduled to be... Read more »

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Discovered A Rock That’s Too Hard To Drill

Earlier this year, NASA’s Curiosity rover was able to overcome a motor glitch to drill into rocks on Mars and this was seen as a triumph by everybody. The drilling operations were... Read more »

Global Warming’s Consequences Are Intensifying And We Can’t Hide From Them, NASA says

Over the past few months, unfortunately, heat records have been broken all over the world. For instance, at the beginning of July, the temperature in Ouargla, Algeria, managed to reach 51.3 C,... Read more »

NASA’s Cassini Final Moments: It Sent Data on Earth Till Its Last Moments

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was nominated by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) for the Outstanding Original Interactive Program award, due to the scope of the Cassini mission’s Grand... Read more »

Vancouver-science YouTuber Proves that the ‘World is Round’

It’s a common and baffling fact: flat-earthers exist, and they don’t want to understand that there is gravity, the Earth is round, or that satellites are real! A former educator from Vancouver... Read more »

Hubble and Gaia’s New Data Changes the Way We Understand the Universe

We know that the universe keeps expanding, but it wasn’t that easy to measure the rate of expansion – meaning the calculations could be off track. And they were, according to NASA... Read more »

NASA Discovers Rare “Equal Mass” Double Asteroids Orbiting Each Other

Observations made by using three of the world’s largest radio telescopes revealed that an asteroid discovered last year is actually two asteroids of about 900 meters in size and orbiting each other.... Read more »

NASA’s Planet Hunter TESS Will Begin Work This Month

The newest satellite sent into space to hunt for alien worlds will begin the search before the end of July. TESS, short for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, was launched to the Earth’s... Read more »

Neither Boeing, Nor SpaceX Will Be Able to Send Astronauts to the ISS in 2019

According to a US government audit report, it seems US astronauts might not get to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2019. NASA chose Boeing and SpaceX to build rockets that can... Read more »

NASA Destroyed By Accident Proof of Life in Martian Soil Samples 40 Years Ago

NASA’s recent discoveries of organic molecules on Mars might be old news if we’re to talk about a recent study published in the New Scientist. The study found that NASA might have... Read more »