NASA’s Voyager 2 Spacecraft Is Now In Interstellar Space After Traveling Over 18 Billion Km

The science community has something to celebrate these days and it’s a really important achievement. Yesterday, “December 10, 2018, 4:21 PM – The Voyager 2 space probe just went interstellar! Just like... Read more »

NASA Invented The Negative Battery That Could Keep Phones Charged For A Week

It seems that we could enjoy phones that we would only have to charge once a week in the future. There’s a new type of battery that you only need to charge... Read more »

NASA Expert Believes That Alien Life May Have Visited Us By Now – Aliens May Have Mastered Interstellar Travel

NASA scientist claims that alien life may have already visited our planet, according to the latest report coming from Daily Mail. Silvano P. Colombano, who works in NASA’s Intelligent Systems Division, believes... Read more »

Curiosity’s ChemCam Camera Finds Shiny Object On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is now back in business after some issues that it has been experiencing with its computer. It has discovered something pretty intriguing: a shiny object on the surface of... Read more »

NASA Is Not A Cannabis Fan – Their Latest Safety Review For SpaceX Seems Targeted At Elon Musk

NASA’s latest safety review for the SpaceX seems targeted at the bad boy Elon Musk. Why? Well, because it flaunts a powerful no alcohol, no drugs policy. Washington Post first reported that... Read more »

The InSight Mission To Mars Is Set To Confirm Its Landing To NASA Via Radio Telescopes

NASA’s InSight mission aims to send a lander to Mars in order to study the crust, core, and mantle of the red planet. InSight was launched back in May, and it almost... Read more »

NASA is Shutting Down Kepler Space Telescope

Kepler Space Telescope is one of the most successful instruments ever used to study planets and the outer space. Over the years, NASA made some outstanding discoveries thanks to it, but, just... Read more »

NASA Shows Impressive Images Of Black Holes Colliding – Our Milky Way Will Also Collide With Andromeda One Day

After “just” a billion years, eventually, the black holes of two merging galaxies are colliding together in the most colorful scenery photographed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Galaxy merger process can over... Read more »

NASA is Planning to Bring a Small Part From an Asteroid to Earth by 2023

Over the centuries, people have always been fascinated by space. Before the first man set foot outside the Earth’s atmosphere, every scientist and free thinker tried to find answers for the riddles... Read more »

Kepler Space Telescope Died After More Than 9 Years of Observations

The old planet-hunting telescope has just passed away, stated NASA in an official announcement on 30 October, almost 10 years after being sent to space. Kepler has performed an excellent job for... Read more »