Trump’s “Space Force” Gets Full Support from NASA Administrator

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, stated on Monday that he supports the military “Space Force” proposed by President Donald Trump. However, he added in an interview that the Space Force would have... Read more »

SpaceX Shows American Astronauts Are Ready To Get Back to Space

With so many delays, we can finally say that NASA will send astronauts to the International Space Station with an American spacecraft once again. Seven years after the Space Shuttle program was... Read more »

Ultrahot Jupiters Have Stellar Atmospheres That Destroy Water

NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer House telescopes have revealed interesting information on ultrahot planets, and physicists are stunned to find out the reason behind the missing water on these giants’ surfaces. The planets... Read more »

NASA Will Soon Touch The Sun

It did not even start, and NASA’s mission to fly to the sun was delayed yesterday by a technical problem. Early in the morning they started the countdown and after 5 seconds... Read more »

Get Ready For NASA’s Saturday Launch: The Parker Solar Probe Will “Touch” the Sun

NASA has a launch planned for this weekend. The Parker Solar Probe will be launched on 11 August if everything goes according to plan. This superfast spacecraft will get very close to... Read more »

Here’s What SpaceX Discussed at Their Top-Secret Mars Conference

The public was not supposed to be aware of the secret SpaceX conference, but it somehow made its way on the internet, so (part of) the cat is out of the bag.... Read more »

NASA Forges Partnerships For Development of Space Exploration Tech

Jim Bridenstine, the current administrator from NASA, seems to be very interested in private spaceflight, a trend seen in the latest funding for space exploration technology: “These awards focus on technology collaborations... Read more »

First Batch of Christa McAuliffe’s Lessons Released by NASA

The first batch of lessons made by astronaut Christa McAuliffe was released; 32 years after the Challenger tragedy took place. A video of astronaut-educator Ricky Arnold in which he performs one of... Read more »

NASA’s Planet Hunter TESS Already Photographed a Passing Comet

The new space telescope TESS has started its job a few days ago and while preparing to scan for planets outside our solar system, it spotted a comet passing by. It was... Read more »

Curiosity Just Turned 6 Years And NASA Wishes It Happy Birthday

Let’s all say happy birthday to the Mars Curiosity Rover and the team that worked together to design, build, and supervise it! On 5 August it got to the Red Planet and... Read more »