California-Based Startup Rocket Lab Plans To Launch Small Satellites Into Orbit From Virginia

A startup from California stated that it’s preparing to rocket small satellites into orbit from Virginia. This mirrors an enhanced interest and demand from companies and governments as well to monitor ships,... Read more »

ISS Soyuz Failed Launch: Astronauts Thankful For the Rescuers’ Quick Reaction

Nick Hague, the U.S astronaut who was on board of the Russian capsule with his mate Alexei Ovchinin, were not expecting the mission to end up with an emergency landing in Kazakhstan.... Read more »

Jupiter’s Moon Europa’s Surface Is Covered With Massive Spikes Of Ice

It looks like Jupiter’s moon, Europa together with its subsurface ocean may have what it needs to foster alien life, says Gizmodo. Latest research suggested that it would not be so easy... Read more »

NASA Prepares For A Potential Supervolcano Eruption: Saving The World From Yellowstone Disaster

There are tons of apocalypse scenarios that are being developed every day and every one of them brings a new theory. There are assumptions about the impact of large asteroids, drug-resistant disease... Read more »

NASA’s Voyager 2 Is About To Break Out Of The Solar System And Begin Its Interstellar Journey

NASA’s Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft have been wandering through space since back in 1977. For the last 40 years, they have been speeding at more than 30,000 miles per hours,... Read more »

NASA Update: First Crewed SpaceX Flight to the ISS in June 2019

According to NASA’s latest update on the SpaceX crewed flights towards the International Space Station (ISS), the first launch will take place in June 2019. NASA’s space shuttle program was retired in... Read more »

NASA Voyager 2 Nearing Interstellar Space, Measures Increase in Cosmic Rays

NASA’s second probe, the Voyager 2, is making its way outside our solar system. According to the agency’s statement on 5 October, the probe has detected an increase of cosmic rays that... Read more »

The “Hypothetical Planet X” – NASA In-Depth Article on the Mysterious “Planet Nine”

According to an article published on NASA’s webpage, there is a hypothetical planet deep in our solar system. However, scientists argue that it’s not the fictional doomsday bringer – Nibiru. Caltech astronomers... Read more »

Traveling to Mars Will Cause Cancer, Shows NASA Study

Going into space is a goal many people would want to achieve, and now that space agencies talk about the Moon and Mars, about settling colonies, it feels like it’s all going... Read more »

NASA Has a New Plan To Send Humans to the Moon and Mars

NASA has just made some rescheduling: astronauts will again walk on the Moon in 10 years and on Mars in 20. Or something like that… On 26 September, NASA announced their National... Read more »