NASA Is Rushing to Launch Asteroid-Detecting Technology

NASA is rushing to launch its NEOcam infrared space telescope, an asteroid-detecting technology that will help spot asteroids that threaten to hit Earth, as it is a question of when, not if,... Read more »

Mercury Has A Metallic, Partially Molten Inner Core, NASA Study Showed

During the latest NASA mission that took place on Mercury, the scientists followed their usual procedure for exploring a planet’s interior. Planetary scientists first notice the planet spins. Then, they measure the... Read more »

NASA Shared An Image Of Crab Nebula To Celebrate Hubble Space Telescope’s 29th Anniversary

Hubble Space Telescope is getting closer to its 29th anniversary and NASA it is celebrating this event by releasing some fantastic pictures from the Southern Crab Nebula. From the images released by... Read more »

Antares Launched – Cygnus Cargo Ship Is Making its Way towards the International Space Station

The Antares and the Cygnus spacecraft launched on April 17th towards the International Space Station, carrying three and a half metric tons of cargo bound. The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket was lifted... Read more »

Early Universe & Evolution: NASA Finds Evidence Of The Universe’s Primordial Molecule

The scientific world is celebrating an extraordinary discovery related to the origins of it all. Experts and scientists have been suspecting for a really long time that around 100,000 years after the... Read more »

NASA Plans To Send Moon Missions To The Lunar South Pole

New moon missions have been announced as NASA plans to land astronauts on the satellite within the next five years. The missions which took place during the Apollo era targeted the equatorial... Read more »

NASA’s New Plans On The Future Moon Mission Don’t Impress Agency’s International Partners

NASA is currently working on a revamped plan which accelerates the return of humans to the surface of our natural satellite, but other space agencies do not appear to be too enthusiastic... Read more »

NASA’s Antares Will Launch With The Cygnus Cargo Ship For The ISS on April 17th – Watch It Live!

NASA is launching its Antares rocket that will carry the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the ISS on April 17th at 4:46 PM EDT. This event will be live on NASA Television and... Read more »

​SpaceX Will Receive $69M From NASA to Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

SpaceX was awarded with a $65 million contract from NASA to change the course of an asteroid by crashing a spacecraft on it. The mission is called the Double Asteroid Redirection (DART),... Read more »

Lockhead Martin To Put Humans On The Moon By 2024

We have news from Lockheed Martin about the method developed for putting humans on the Moon’s surface by 2024. The concept is released four years earlier than first planned. The company has... Read more »